Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A BIG thank you...

I think you will agree, the wedding photos that I have shared with you all are pretty amazing. I'm not being big-headed here, I'm being honest.

The person I have to thank for this is Georgi Mabee, who was our amazing photographer for the day. With her assistant, Olivia, they captured the whole day; the big moments, the little details and the spontaneous looks on people's faces.

I spent hours and hours last year researching photographers. There were so many websites and photos to scroll through, but nothing took my fancy. Everything was so flouncy, fake and just made me click away. Georgi's photos were like a breath of fresh air. Once we started chatting via email, I knew we would be a good match.

Last August, we met Georgi when she took our engagement photos. In no time, we clicked and I knew that we had made the decision. When the photos came back we were utterly astounded- Georgi knew exactly what was going on in my head, aaaand she made us look so cool! You can see those photos here and here.

Georgi put us completely at ease during the whole process, and I now feel I have made a real friend.
The photos are just so perfect and help us to remember the day as a whole; we were both so excited to see the opposite morning 'getting ready' photos as we obviously had no idea what to expect.

I just want to say a huge thank you to the person who really helped to make the day so memorable and so special. Georgi, you are awesome.


  1. Oh gawd what cute ass photos!

  2. Hi,
    I just came across your blog, and was scrolling down the posts when I saw this pic, and thought 'I know that place'! This pic is lovely :) I obvioulsy had to scroll down to double check I had guessed right (which I had, yay!), your wedding day looks lovely, really bright and colourful :)Looks like you had a really lovley day!
    Looking forward to future posts :)
    Emily x


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