Monday, 21 October 2013

Wedding : The Details

This is the part of the wedding that I was most excited about. The details were the things that made it for me, especially as most of it was made by me.
The bridesmaid bouquets: I made these well in advance. I used a selection of silk and foam flowers collected from a whole variety of places. Armed with some wire, a pair of pliers and a hot glue gun, there was no stopping me. I then added glittery elements, birds and butterflies to make the bouquets a bit more fun. I wrapped the bouquets in floristry tape then with sequins, ribbon or pom pom trims. They added a great sense of colour and tied the dresses in beautifully.

My bouquet: We went to a local flower warehouse the day before the wedding after chatting to a man running a stall on the market. We spent a fraction of what a florist would have charged, and I was free to choose what I liked for myself and for the reception venue. I wanted bold, bright and fun. I picked up a bit of greenery, and built the bouquet from the centre outwards, and secured with uber-sticky floristry tape. On the morning of the wedding I wound some crochet lace around the stems and secured with pretty pins.

Buttonholes : I made these in advance with the help of Rory. I picked up supplies from Hobbycraft and etsy. These examples were my Mum and Dad's buttonholes so were slightly different to that of the others, but they all featured the same components. I love that they were so individual.

The tables : We colour coded the tables rather than giving the tables numbers. I dyed crochet doilies, made tissue paper pom poms and chose flowers to suit the colour scheme. Party favour bags and straws were also colour coded, as were the place cards that I made using

The Guestbook : We bought a sketchbook in Paperchase, chose a selection of coloured pens and fun stickers for our friends and family to use at their leisure. We also had some pencils printed in the US from a company we found on etsy. The hurricane lantern was bought in TK Maxx and decorated with the leftovers from the bouquets.

The Cake : My Mum made the cake, doesn't it look amazing? I made the topper last minute two days before the wedding as we decided the cake toppers weren't quite right. I'm so pleased we changed our minds at the last minute! We used a vintage cake slice which was a gift from Rory's sister.

The seating chart : I designed the seating plan to co-ordinate with the wedding stationery. We had it printed onto board and hung it from the wall in the reception room. It's now sitting in my spare room as a souvenir of the day!

This was the table centre from the top table. It was a vintage glass terrarium which I picked up at a car boot sale for £3 with some of the leftovers from the decorations. This is where the cake toppers ended up. Notice the groom - Rory picked it himself!

Photos by the wonderfully talented Georgi Mabee


  1. Everything looks beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. looking flipping great! loving the details. the cake looks yummy, well done to your mum. hope your married life is fabulous so far :)

    The Young Bridget Jones


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