Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wedding : The Reception

The reception venue was a country drive away from the Church at Dove Barn. It turned out to be the perfect location for us.
We danced the night away, from Walk the Line onwards. Notice in the last photo, I am not dancing with my new husband. After the first dance, he backed away from the dancefloor. Luckily, his Groomsman who had the Master of Ceremonies role, also has a pair of hips that don't stop moving once he hears some music!

Fabulous photos by the talented Georgi Mabee


  1. I just love the detail you put in, so quirky. I watched as you posted small details in the lead up to your wedding, but could never have imagined just how fabulous the end result was! xx

  2. It looks fab!I love the decorations on the balcony!Where did u find them? xx

  3. ah, so wonderful! the room is so bright and your dress is so darling!

    lindsey louise

  4. this was my fave part of the night x

  5. aw that is lovely. i love love your dress, the colour underneath is just fun fun!

    The Young Bridget Jones


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