Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Clutter City Prep.

My pen has been working overtime recently. I am selling my wares at the Clutter City craft fair at the Arts Centre in Norwich on Saturday 14th December. I'm pretty excited (and terrified) all at the same time.

I go to this Yuletide market every year, and it will be my first time sitting on the other side of the table at this event.

I've been drawing away and trying to get as many things ready as I can. So far I've got cards featuring my vintage floral haired ladies and Christmas jumper wearing men and a few others. I have a variety of prints in different sizes, some canvas bags and some really cute pocket mirrors which should be arriving soon.
I am also investigating the production of my self-designed colouring book. I am determined to make it happen.

If you can think of anything that you would like to see- please leave me a note in the comments, it can be really difficult to think of things when you are so close to the project!

If you're local, please come along and say hello, I guarantee to be far more shy than you are.

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  1. Wow! Kim this sounds great! I hope it all goes well for you, I'm sure it will! Your designs are unique!
    Good luck xx


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