Monday, 4 November 2013

Life Lately

You will have noticed that my blog updates have been somewhat sporadic of late. Since the wedding, we have been on our honeymoon, been to a festival and tried to carry on with life as we know it. There have been a fair few changes with our roles at work, which is great, but seems to leave us with less and less time to get on with things we love (especially time together!)

I intend on keeping this blog up to date whenever I can - really isn't something that I want to neglect. If you follow me on Instagram (@whatpeggysaid) you may have seen what I have been working on lately. 

I found the urge to rediscover my creativity and head back to the drawing board, literally. Armed with a selection of drawing pens, smooth white paper and a sketchbook I have created some things that I am really pleased with. I am so glad that I have coaxed out my inner illustrator, she has been hiding away for too long.

These illustrations are now for sale on my Etsy page as A4 prints and greetings cards with more options being added very soon, including custom designs and prints.

As a follower of my blog, you can gain a 10% discount using the code BLOGLOVE until 18th November.

If you have any further suggestions or ideas for products or prints that you would like to see - please let me know. FYI - Men's portraits are next on my list!


  1. These are incredible, I love them!

  2. These are so beautiful, wow!xx

  3. These are so beautiful I had to order one :) So talented xx

  4. I LOVE your prints! Any chance you'll be doing them in a larger format than a4? Crackin' work x


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