Wednesday, 13 November 2013


As you are probably aware, Renegade hit London last weekend. I dragged the Mr along for the ride (we had to stand for an hour even though we pre booked tickets- not fun!), and we met up with my BFF and her Mr. Erica and Dean met us at Liverpool St, from there we dodged the rain via Spitalfields and a couple of vinyl purchases. Luckily, our load didn't include Jason Donovan...
We dried ourselves off, wandered around and made a fair few purchases between us. It was so nice to meet people that we had previously only ever spoken to behind a screen- even if I was really shy and let Erica do all of the talking.
 After shopping, a bit of lunch and a walk around a drizzly city we released Erica and Dean of their duties, and we headed to the crazy-town that was Westfield on a Saturday. Ugh- so busy. But I did get myself two Orla Kiely polo necks from Uniqlo which can't be bad.

This lovely lot is the majority of the purchases we made at Renegade- apologies for the badly lit phone photo. We also got a huge A1 print that is currently rolled up- I'll share that another day. It was funny when we unrolled it to show my parents- it's a fab illustrated alphabet poster - Dad asked if we had 'anything to tell him'- he got a firm answer of 'NO WAY, NOT YET' so don't go getting any ideas!

It was so lovely to catch up with Erica and Dean and spend a bit of time together- hopefully we will see you lovely people soon!

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  1. so glad those dodgy candids didn't make it on here.


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