Monday, 31 March 2014

Let a bit of light in

We're still updating the house, little by little. My biggest problem in our small, city street terrace, is that lighting is pretty terrible. Downstairs, there is almost no natural light, but upstairs is a little better.

The main bedroom is at the back of the house, but still needs a bit of help in the lighting department. Until now, we had no lightshade in the bedroom at all. It had been this way for almost 5 years, since we moved into the house. We didn't have bedside lamps, we had some cheap ikea lamps from a million years ago, but thanks to a rather fat grey cat, one met an untimely end.
This pendant light is the only one that we have in the house. I know, strange, right? We have spotlights in every other room, which is great for kitchens and bathrooms, not so much for bedrooms and living spaces. This one is pretty huge and made of clear acrylic (I think!)
I'm  pretty pleased with how they fit in with the decor in the bedroom. You know that I love a bit of yellow! It's nice that they add a bit of height to my ikea bedside table (we plan on getting one for Rory's side too - they were only £7!) We picked up the ceiling light and the bedside lamps in The Range, it was pretty tricky to choose, they had a few good choices- if only we had more ceiling lights in the house!
Peggy couldn't resist clean sheets and a freshly made bed, and how could I be mad with a face like that?

This post was written in association with The Range.


  1. lovvvvve the chevron shades! <3

  2. What a cute room! All the colours are so happy :)

  3. Oh, that lamp is great!

  4. Love the lamps! Such a great pattern. We need to get some bedside lamps as always race to bed so we aren't the last and have to put the main light off haha x

  5. Where did you get those walk the line pillows??

    1. They were a wedding present from my sister in law. I think she made them herself.

  6. Love the look at your home, it looks so cosy, I especially want that jazzy lamp!

    Maria xxx

  7. The chevron shades were just made for you! They fit in perfectly! Xx

  8. I have just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!

  9. Really important a lighting in a place to live, it interfers on your mind and all so ...
    Reminds me of when I was in a basement flat in London , oh god never again please ! Well anyway, your interior is peachy and so cute just like the doggie:)



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