Monday, 28 April 2014

A decent pair of shoes will look after your feet...

Soul of Africa 'African Disco' shoes
I learnt this lesson the hard way.
After a childhood of getting my feet measured properly, wearing nice little shoes, I turned into a teenager with a part time job and disposable income. I bought more pairs of cheap shoes than is possible to wear. As mothers always say 'They'll wreck your feet', and typical to the stereotype, I didn't listen.

Now I'm in my twenties with the callous, sore feet of an old woman. I now buy about two or three pairs of shoes a year with a much heftier price tag, they make my feet happy, and ultimately, my bank balance too, as they last so much longer.

Step in (ahem) my new Clarks leather loafers. Sensible. Well made. Lovely.
Perfect for slipping on to get a pint of milk, take the bins out, wear on a shopping trip, or even walking the dogs, as we did here (we did take Peggy, but our friends' sausage dogs were far more photogenic!)

We walked the full 2 miles around Whitlingham lake,  and I can safely say that now I'm home my feet are happy- you can't really ask for more than that, can you?
Oh, and they are also good for trying to make an escape with a sausage dog...

-Written in collaboration with Clarks-


  1. I really really need to get myself some sensible shoes, it makes sense! My Mum was so strict on what shoes I had as a kid, I always got my feet measured properly, she only ever let me have round toe and although I whinged like anything when she wouldn't let me get pointy shoes I'm pretty thankful for it now!

    OMG how gorgeous is the sausage dog?!! We're getting one as soon as we buy a house, it's the one dog that Simon and I agree on!

    Chloe x

  2. I've totally ruined my feet with all of my stupid shoes :(

  3. Clarks shoes are the best, they are just so comfy!

    Maria xxx

  4. Comfy shoes are definitely the way to go!


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