Thursday, 10 April 2014

Baking for Dogs

These look pretty tasty, am I right? Peggy certainly seems to think so.
If you fancy making your four legged friend a special treat, give this recipe a whirl:

Oxo cube (I used beef flavour)
2.5 cups of plain flour
1 egg (beaten)
Sprinkle of salt
approx 150ml hot water

Dissolve the oxo cube in hot water. Mix all of the ingredients together until they form a dough.
Roll out until about 2cm thick.
Cut out using pastry cutters.
Put onto a baking tray and bake in the oven at about 180 degrees for about 15 to 20 mins, or until golden.

(adapted from Cesar Millan's basic dog biscuits recipe)

These biscuits were such a quick and easy make. I just chucked everything into my food mixer and away we went. They have been a real winner with Peggy, and I'll definitely be making them again. Next time I might even add some grated cheese, but only if she is a good girl.
And possibly my favourite photo of the day...say cheese, Peg!


  1. Oh this is the cutest post EVER, definitely one to try with my friend's dogs!

    Maria xxx

  2. Hahaha, the look in Peggy's eyes, amazing. Needless to say, these were as delicious as they looked! xx

  3. OHMYGOD I am sending this to my mum immediately. Nevis & Charm would go daft for home made treats <3 Also Peggy looks very beagley in these photos I want to squish her cute lil face

  4. I'm making these for Rex right away!

  5. Such a cute puppy!

  6. Peggy's smile made my day!


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