Monday, 14 April 2014

Colourful circles crochet blanket

If you follow me on instagram (@whatpeggysaid) then you will have seen some photos of this blanket as it progressed. I made it for a very good friend who is due to have her first baby in August. As this blanket is for a summer baby, I used cotton as it is a bit more breathable in the heat.

My friend asked me to use lots of bright colours and to make it unisex. Hopefully I met the requirements!

This blanket was made using Rico Essentials cotton in a variety of different colours using a 3.5mm hook. I made each circle before progressing to the next stage, and the project came together incredibly quickly.

As for the joining method, I went against my usual 'join as you go' method, (I gave it a go with this, but I wasn't happy with how it looked!) this time, I opted to sew each of the squares together. Before stitching them all together, I blocked all of the squares using the steam setting on the iron. This really helped to set the stitches and help shape all of the blocks into even squares.
I am really pleased with the quality of the blanket; hopefully it will stand the test of time.

For the pattern, I used the Gumball pattern that you can buy from BabyLove Brand on Etsy, but adapted the white rows from a pattern in a crochet book (I can't remember which one!)

The blanket has now been given to my friend, who was delighted with it, so now it's just a waiting game until I get to see it being put to good use. Roll on August!


  1. This is such a gorgeous blanket, I love the bright colours on white and what a perfect pattern! well done

  2. What a lucky Mummy and baby to receive such a stunning blanket, it will be so treasured x

  3. That blanket is beautiful, makes me want to attempt crochet again. Very lucky friend, and baby.

  4. That blanket is beautiful, makes me want to attempt crochet again. Very luck friend, and baby.

  5. Oh wow, this is beautiful. I love the bright colours against the white background. Lucky baby!

  6. This is gorgeous, I love the bright colours!

    Maria xxx


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