Who is Peggy?

Who is Peggy?
Peggy, also known as Peggy-Sue or Peggles, is my dog. She is a Basset Hound x Beagle (or Bagle) and is both the most infuriating but loveable creature there is.

Who are you then?

I am Kim, a one time art student who moved from a sleepy Suffolk village to the dizzying heights of Norwich. I live with Rory, my soon to be hubby in a little terraced house in the city. We are getting married in August 2013.

With us live 2 cats and an unruly dog.

What do you do?

For my day job, I am a primary school teacher. I teach Year 3; it can be the most rewarding, stressful, exhausting and entertaining job there is.
Luckily for me, I get the school holidays (and yes, us teachers certainly DO earn it!). In the holidays, and when I can find time at the weekend and in the evening, I enjoy many different crafty pursuits. I recently taught myself to crochet; I also sew, design, draw, paint...you name it I do it. Apart from knitting. My hands can only handle one tool at a time! Rory is also an artsy-craftsy chap. He has recently become hooked on cross-stitch. He's pretty bloody good at it too!

Why did you choose to write a blog?

I have spent years reading blogs; everything from crafts to fashion to photography to food. I love being nosey and finding new things. It's where I get my main sources of inspiration. I decided to blog myself as I felt I was missing the artsy community that I was in the middle of at art school; not just the arty side of things, the general buzz about the quirky and individual. Hopefully, in time, something I post could inspire somebody else to try a new project. Maybe that will never happen, but at least I have said I tried. x


  1. Hi I just found your blog! Love the artsy craftsy/DIY aspect I love finding new ideas (: I've just started blogging and beginning some DIY projects with my blog myself so I'm very glad to ad your blog to my reading list!

    xoxoxo Jacqueline

  2. Yes, teachers certainly DO deserve it!!
    I home school my two boys 6&7 and couldn't possibly imagine doing it every day for +/- 25 kids!


  3. Hi Kim! I just stumbled across your blog and am loving it!!! You've got yourself a new follower (is there ever a way to say that without sounding cult-ish? haha).
    Sending you huge smiles from Oz!
    Sway xxx

  4. Hi Kim, I am a new follower to your lovely blog.

    Congratulations on your wedding, I am also getting married in 2014 :)
    Harriet x


  5. Hi there Kim
    Just found your blog and I have one thing to say: Norwich is awesome! I went to UEA and I can honestly say that it was the best three years because the city is amazing. I was really sad to go back to Cornwall but then I had a little bit of motivation because we soon after moved to New Zealand! In all honesty though, I would go back to Norwich in a heartbeat...even if I still lived on the old 22 bus route haha.
    Sam x

  6. Hi Kim,
    I just found your blog and its AMAZING.


  7. Just found your blog. I love it!

  8. Just came across your blog thanks to #mybchat ! How sweet and fun ! I really enjoy it.
    Congrats for wedding! Though you should update it here, I started getting oh so excited for you only to realize your big day has happened already ! Going to have to scroll through months of blogging to get to it haha ! (if you ever blogged about it).

    Keep it up xxx

  9. PS; let me rectify. You have an entire section about your wedding. Here I coooome !! x


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